Handpiece Main Picture
  • Professional OEM/ ODM for decade years
  • Durable use compared with famous brand
  • Cost-friendly

Custom Dental Handpieces Set

With professional and advanced production experience for dental handpiece for years, OEM/ ODM available, excellent service and quality.
  • Dental High Speed 6 Holes Fiber Optic Turbine Handpiece Ti Max X600l
  • 45 Degree 14.2 Increasing Speed Surgery Electric Fiber Optic Contra Angle Handpiece
  • X95l 1 5 4 Way Spray Fiber Optic Contra Angle Handpiece
  • Dental Implant Fiber Optic 201 Reduction Contra Angle Handpiece
  • 11 Fiber Optic Contra Angle Handpiece Internal Water Spray
  • Kavo 9000l Style Led Dental Fiber Optic Handpiece
Dental Endo Motor
  • Efficient and Precise electric motor
  • Suitable for all mainstream NITI system
  • CE & FDA Certified

Custom Dental Endo Motor Set

Ultra-precision motor originated from Germany, low noise and vibration. Driven by the efficient and precise electric motor, root canal measurement and enlargement can be achieved with multi-frequency root canal length measurement.
  • Dental 2 In 1 Rotary Endo Motor With Apex Locator For Dentist Use In Root Canal Treatment 1
  • Endo ActivatorEndo Activator 2
Root Cannal Files
  • ISO standard, Safe use
  • Super Flexible
  • High Precise Size

Custom Root Canal Files Set

We continuously collecting feedback from dental practitioners in more than 40 countries , product design concepts , research &  development systems were intergrated.  To make our products amazing efficiency and safety.
  • Dental Root Canal Retreatment Files For Engine Use
  • Vdw Reciproc Compatible One Files Blue Classic Silver Gold
  • Wave One Gold Files Heat Activation With Reciprocating Motion For One File System
  • Stainless Steel Hand Use Niti K File H File Reamers
  • Hand Use Niti Super File Protaper File Blue Silver
  • Engine Use Heat Activation Protaper File Gold Blue Silver
  • Dental Short Barbed Broaches Stainless Steel
  • Dental Instruments Root Canal Expander Gates Drills Engine Use
  • Dental Instruments Root Canal Expander Pesso Reamers Engine Use
  • Dental Paste Carriers Lentulo Engine Use
Mixing Tip
  • Easy Use
  • Mix Evenly

Custom Dental Impression Mixing Tips Set

All types of mixing tips available , it can save the materials and mix evenly .
  • Dental Mixing Tips Pink 11
  • Pentamix Type Dynamic Mixing Tips Red
  • Dental Mixing Tips Yellow 11
  • Dental Mixing Tips Green 11
  • Dental Mixing Tips Blue Orange 101
  • Dental Mixing Tips Blue White Long 76mm 11
  • Dental Mixing Tips Blue White Short 64mm 11
  • Dental Mixing Tips Brown White With Long Intra Oral Tips
  • Dental Mixing Tips Brown White With Short Intra Oral Tips

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